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2440,Glass Long-Stem Hose Inlet Adapter,90 Bent Airway Tube,Lab Glassware

Цена: 802.64 RUR

Glass Reducing Adapter from 4038 to 2429,Lab Chemical Glassware

Цена: 743.19 RUR

500mL Reagent bottle with cap autoclavable, heavy wall,lab glassware

Цена: 594.55 RUR

S35,Stainless Steel Clamp,Glassware Clip

Цена: 594.55 RUR

105 bend vacuum take-off adapter,2429 ground joint,lab glassware,vacuum take-off adapter

Цена: 564.82 RUR


Цена: 529.15 RUR

500ml,Glass Erlenmeyer Flask,GG3.3 Lab Conical Flasks with Straight Neck

Цена: 535.1 RUR

Distilling Adapter,Male Joint 2429,105 Degree,Laboratory Glassware Adapter

Цена: 505.37 RUR

Bent drying glass tube adapter,with 2429 joint, lab glass,lab glass adapter

Цена: 505.37 RUR

30ML Clear Reagent Bottle,Sample,Penicillin Vials,With PP Screw Lid,5PCSLOT

Цена: 505.37 RUR

Connect Adapter with Hose Connection,2429,Lab Glassware Adapter

Цена: 445.91 RUR

Glass Transfer Adapter from female 2440 joint to male 2429 joint,lab glassware

Цена: 416.19 RUR

20ML Glass Vials,sample Bottle,Reagent Bottle,5PCSlot,lab Glassware

Цена: 410.24 RUR

100ml,2440,1 Neck,Round Bottom Glass Flask,Single Neck,Lab Boiling Bottle

Цена: 392.4 RUR

12# Tapered Silicon Bung Stopper,Test Tube Hollow Plug Intake Hose,10PCSLOT

Цена: 356.73 RUR